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Jan 04 1928 (PC)

Mohar Ali Vs. Abdul Karim Sarkar and ors.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Jan-04-1928

Reported in : 107Ind.Cas.742

..... for the debt.2. the next point argued on behalf of the appellant is that he comes within sub-section (4) of section 3 of the usurious loans act, 1918, inasmuch as the plaintiff was a bona fide transferee from the original mortgagees. to assert such a proposition seems to be a mere effrontery. to say ..... 1. this is one of the most preposterous eases which shows that it was absolutely necessary to enact something in the nature of the usurious loans act, 1918. in this case the principal defendants borrowed rs. 400 on mortgage of properties which admittedly are very valuable. the interest charged was rs ..... if that is so nothing can be more deplorable than the fact asserted, and in every such case the courts would be justified in rigorously applying the usurious loans act in that part of the country, whenever such a course is justified. the evidence, however, does not satisfy us that that is the usual rate ..... of the country, for mortgage-bonds, the pro forma defendants who were the original mortgagees are, no doubt, very hard money-lenders and they exacted usurious rates of interest in other cases as they have proved themselves. the courts ought to be alert in allowing them interest in cases which are brought ..... before the court when usurious rates of interest are claimed by them. we have nothing to add to the judgment of the subordinate judge in this case except to point .....

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Aug 08 1928 (PC)

Parsotam NaraIn and ors. Vs. Benares Bank Ltd.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Aug-08-1928

Reported in : AIR1929All59

..... the family.8. there now remains the question of the rate of interest. since the mortgage-bond was executed before the usurious loans act came into operation, we would not have any jurisdiction to re-open the transaction under the provisions of that act. interest at the rate of twelve annas per cent. per mensem compoundable six monthly does not appear to us to ..... . (judgment then discussed evidence and holding that the bond was validly attested and that jagdish narain and others were not competent to mortgage the joint ancestral property to secure a loan of rs. 6,342 from the bank proceeded.) it appears that about the year 1902 or 1903, jagdish narain started a business of taking contracts from the public works department ..... each of the adult mortgagors in the presence of any two of the three attesting witnesses, and that the document, therefore, did not fulfil the requirements of section 59 of act 4, 1882. (2) that of the sum secured by the mortgage, rs. 10,000 was not borrowed either for payment of antecedent debts or for legal necessity, and thus the .....

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May 14 1928 (FN)

King Manufacturing Co. Vs. Augusta

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-14-1928

..... constitutional validity of a municipal ordinance could be brought directly to this court by writ of error or appeal under 5 of the court of appeals act, act of march 3, 1891, c. 517, 26 stat. 826, 827, 828, and 238 of the judicial code, because such review was ..... opinion were written, aside from those involving municipal ordinances and commission orders, does jurisdiction appear to have been exercised under the clause in the act of 1916 allowing a writ of error in cases where the validity of an authority exercised under a state has been challenged and sustained. schwab ..... (per curiam); missouri v. public service commission, 275 u. s. 489 (per curiam). [ footnote 10 ] mr. chief justice chase explained why the act should be construed as applying only to statutes and not to municipal ordinances: "this preference is given, plainly enough, because of the presumed importance of such cases ..... obligatory jurisdiction of this court. we recognize that there was such a purpose, and that effect should be given to it. but the act dealt with several jurisdictional provisions, including those relating to cases coming to this court from the circuit courts of appeals, the district courts, ..... another, or by one agency or another, the enactments put forth, whether called constitutional provisions, laws ordinances, or orders are, in essence, legislative acts of the state; they express its will, and have no force otherwise. as respects their validity under the constitution of the united states, all .....

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Apr 09 1928 (FN)

Nigro Vs. United States

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-09-1928

..... . justice sutherland concurs in these views. mr. justice butler, dissenting. section 1 was originally enacted december 17, 1914, c. 1, 38 stat. 785. it was amended by the revenue act of 1918 passed february 24, 1919, 1006, c. 18, 40 stat. 1057, 1130. it contains the following: "it shall be unlawful for any person required to register under the provisions of this ..... recent decision of this court in united states v. wong sing, 260 u. s. 18 . in that case, wong sing was indicted under the amendment, 1006 of the revenue act of 1918 for purchasing the drug not from an original stamped package and not from a person who was a registered dealer. it was objected that, under the jin fuey moy case ..... registered persons." section 5 provides for official inspection of orders, prescriptions, etc., and forbids a disclosure of information except for the enforcement of the act. section 6 of the original act was amended by the revenue act of 1918, and relates to minimum limitations upon strength of opium and other drugs to come within statute, but dealers in preparations that are less than minimum ..... to dealing with such drugs as are required by regulation made by the commissioner and approved by the secretary of the treasury. section 2 of the act of 1914 was not changed by the revenue act of 1918. this section provides: "that it shall be unlawful for any person to sell, barter, exchange, or give away any of the aforesaid drugs except in .....

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Jun 04 1928 (FN)

Olmstead Vs. United States

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-04-1928

..... 2862; iowa, code, 1924, 8305; louisiana, acts, 1918, c. 134, p. 228; maine, revised statutes, 1916, c. 60, 24; maryland, bagby's code, 1926, 489; michigan, compiled statutes, 1915, 15104; minnesota, general statutes, 1923, 10423, ..... fine not to exceed one thousand dollars or imprisonment not to exceed one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court." the act of october 29, 1918, c.197, 40 stat. 1017, provided: "that whoever, during the period of governmental operation of the telephone and telegraph systems of the united states . . ..... 691; arkansas, crawford & moses digest, 1921, 10250; california, deering's penal code, 1927, 619, 621, 639, 641; colorado, compiled laws, 1921, 6966, 6968, 6970; connecticut, general statutes, 1918, 6292; florida, revised general statutes, 1920, 5754, 5755; idaho, compiled statutes, 1919, 8568, 8570; illinois, revised statutes, 1927, c. 134, 7, 7a; indiana, burns' revised statutes, 1926, ..... , revised statutes, 1913, penal code, 692; arkansas, crawford & moses digest, 1921, 10246; california, deering's penal code, 1927, 640; colorado, compiled laws, 1921, 6969; connecticut, general statutes, 1918, 6292; idaho, compiled statutes, 1919, 8574, 8586; illinois, revised statutes, 1927, c. 134, 21; iowa, code, 1927, 13121; kansas, revised statutes, 1923, c. 17, 1908; michigan compiled .....

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