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Mar 30 1992 (HC)

Delhi Cloth and General Mills Co. Ltd. and ors. Vs. the Agricultural P ...

Court : Patna

Decided on : Mar-30-1992

..... making the order, or if unregulated are likely to be, detrimental to public interest;(f) for requiring persons engaged in the distribution and trade and commerce in any such article or class thereof to mark the articles exposed or intended for sale with the sale price or to exhibit at some easily accessible place on the premises the price- ..... notwithstanding the inclusive definition of 'agriculture produce', which empowered the state government to notify various other commodities which might not be produce of agriculture as understood in market or trade, it was necessary that the specific produce, in this case vanaspati, must be defined as an agriculture produce by being specifically included in the schedule. it was submitted ..... any information or statistics with a view to regulating or prohibiting of the aforesaid matters;(i) for requiring persons engaged in the production, supply or distribution of, or trade and commerce in, any essential commodity to maintain and produce for inspection such books, accounts and records relating to their business and to furnish such information relating thereto, as ..... states have improved appreciably by virtue of legislation. the main objects of the bill are ; - (1) creation of market areas and markets with a view to ensuring fair trade transactions in agricultural and allied commodities.(2) appointment of market committees fully representative of growers, traders, local authorities and govt. to supervise the working of regulated markets.(3) regulation .....

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Jul 30 1992 (SC)

State of Rajasthan Vs. Shri Narayan

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-30-1992

Reported in : AIR1992SC2004; 1992CriLJ3655; JT1992(4)SC282; 1992(2)SCALE82; (1992)3SCC615

..... learned judge in the high court. further corroboration is to be found from the evidence of dr. soni. he saw abrasions which, as pointed out earlier, corroborate forcible taking. teeth marks on the breast also provide corroboration. the fact that the vagina was swollen also goes to show that she was forcibly taken against her wish. the presence of 90% dead ..... of abrasions on her elbow joints and the lumber region supply evidence of struggle during the act. the evidence of pw 1 dr. soni also shows that there were teeth marks near the nipple of one of her breasts lending corroboration to her testimony that the accused had violated her person. 6. the accused was a distant relative whom the prosecutrix ..... put up a struggle in the course whereof she sustained abrasions. as she was not a willing person and was a victim of a forcible sexual assault, there were injury marks on her vaginal walls leading to inflammation and swelling. he, therefore, submitted that the learned judge in the high court tried to brush aside this corroborative piece of evidence on ..... . r.p. soni examined the prosecutrix on 25th october, 1976 and found that her clothes were torn, they carried slightly watery and blood like discharge stains and there were teeth marks, two in number, on her left breast near the nipple. on internal examination he found both the labia majora and minora and the clitoris swollen and red with slight bleeding .....

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Jul 22 1992 (HC)

Nasirmiya Hasanmiya Mallik Vs. State of Gujarat

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jul-22-1992

Reported in : (1993)1GLR853

..... the point of demand and acceptance of the bribe amount of rs. 10/- which has been duly corroborated by the attending circumstances, viz., finding of the marks of anthracene powder on the hands of appellant, tallying of the recovered currency note with that of the number mentioned in the first part of the panchnama, ..... the said currency note by his right hand and kept the same in his right hand itself. mr. barot further submitted that since the anthracene powder marks were found on both the hands of the appellant, that by itself clearly probabilize the defence version that muddamal currency-note was forcibly thrusted in his hands ..... hands of truck-driver anvarhusen rasul-miya and that of the present appellant, none of the others hands were found to be shining with the anthracene powder marks. at this time of raid, one another police constable (ajitsinh) who was in c.vilian dress started running away. despite the fact that he was ..... which happens when a person happens to be victim of sudden, grave, fear and nervousness ! in this view of the matter, finding of . the marks of anthracene powder on both hands can be easily explained and in that view of the matter, it does not pose any problem to us. further, merely ..... because the marks of anthracene powder were found on ' the finger tips and palms of both the hands of appellant, that also by no stretch of imagination indicate .....

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Jun 25 1992 (HC)

Peico Electronics and Electricals Ltd. Vs. C.S. Baj, Member, Industria ...

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Jun-25-1992

Reported in : (1995)ILLJ711Bom

..... various developments in the industrial field, including the recent report of the bullock committee, and the white paper of 1979 in england, are important land marks in this area. we are passing through times when representation of trade unions on board of directors is welcomed atleast by some as 'novel institution .... of confliction partnership.'15. the draft directive on the information and ..... undertaking and on decisions which may affect them.'16. according to the draft, a proposition which has serious consequences for the workforce should be preceded by a consultation with the trade union. the very characterisation of information as confidential is with the object that the information is not disclosed to other parties by the representatives of the employees. the information ..... for a modern state. (the decision of the supreme court in s.p. gupta's case : [1982]2scr365 has been referred to by the labour court in its order.) trade secrets would otherwise be exposed to undesirable circulation with disastrous consequences for the employer. the court should not compel the disclosure of such sensitive information to the union in given ..... industrial court, bombay as complaint (ulp) 336 of 1992.2. the union filed the complaint, under section 26 read with item 5 of schedule ii of the maharashtra recognition of trade unions and prevention of unfair labour practices act, 1971.3. the management opposed it (vide exhibit 'd' dated march 11, 1982). it passed the impugned order - exhibit 'e' dated .....

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Feb 17 1992 (HC)

Dr. Harinder Kumar Vs. Principal, Govt. Medical College and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Feb-17-1992

Reported in : AIR1993P& H102

..... observations regarding the validity of these instructions.7. for the foregoing reasons, this writ, petition is allowed, and the respondents are directed not to deduct 20 marks whiledetermining the merit of the petitioner on account of his having passed the second professional examination of m.b.b.s. in october, 1986, by treating ..... passed the iiird m.b.b.s. examination in the second attempt and therefore a deduction of five per cent was liable to be made from the marks obtained by him. held, there was no justification for holding that the candidate had passed the iiird m.b.b.s. examination in the 'second ..... behalf of respondent no. 2, the facts stated in the petition arc not controverted. the only stand taken is that 20 marks have to be deducted because the petitioner did not appear in the second professional examination which was held in july, 1986 and was to be treated ..... get one of the seats out of quota meant for fresh graduated on the basis of his merit if the same is prepared without deducting 20 marks for the second attempt for passing the second professional examination which in fact the petitioner did not avail of.4. in the written statement filed on ..... even could not obtain his roll number. he appeared for the first time in the second professional examination held in october,1986 and secured 67.47% marks i.e. again in first division. petitioner passed the final professional examination held in may, 1988 and again secured first division.2. on 22-2-1991 .....

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Oct 07 1992 (FN)

Herrera Vs. Collins

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Oct-07-1992

..... his conviction transgresses a principle of fundamental fairness "rooted in the traditions and conscience of our people." pat terson v. new york, 432 u. s., at 202 (internal quotation marks and citations omitted). this is not to say, however, that petitioner is left without a forum to raise his actual innocence claim. for under texas law, petitioner may file ..... of an innocent person is the ultimate 'arbitrary impositio[n],'" post, at 437, quoting planned parenthood of southeastern pa. v. casey, 505 u. s. 833 , 848 (1992) (internal quotation marks omitted), the dissent concludes that "petitioner may raise a substantive due process challenge to his punishment on the ground that he is actually innocent," post, at 437. but the dissent ..... passage of time' prejudice the government and diminish the chances of a reliable criminal adjudication") (quoting kuhlmann v. wilson, 477 u. s. 436 , 453 (1986) (plurality opinion) (internal quotation marks omitted; citation omitted)); united states v. smith, 331 u. s. 469 , 476 (1947). under the dissent's approach, the district court would be placed in the even more difficult position ..... and souter, jj., joined, post, p. 430. talbot d'alemberte argued the cause for petitioner. with him on the brief were robert l. mcglasson, phyllis l. crocker, and mark evan olive. margaret portman griffey, assistant attorney general of texas, argued the cause for respondent. with her on the brief were dan morales, attorney general, will pryor, first assistant attorney .....

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Sep 03 1992 (SC)

Birendra Kumar Rai Alias Virendra Kumar Rai Vs. Union of India (Uoi) a ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-03-1992

Reported in : AIR1993SC962; 1993(41)BLJR219; 1993CriLJ158; 1992(3)Crimes398(SC); 1993(43)ECC81; JT1992(5)SC264; 1995(5)SCALE210; (1993)1SCC272; [1992]Supp1SCR391

..... rai also stated that the petitioner fell into bad company and started preparing heroin from opium and the petitioner also joined his brothers in the same trade and from the money earned from the said business the petitioner had purchased one flat at andheri (bombay). the statements of the members of the ..... of statements and disclosures made by these persons, the house of the petitioner, his father and brothers were searched and 855,250 grams of foreign marked 7 gold biscuits and some incriminating documents were recovered. on search of the petitioner's flat at varanasi some more documents were recovered. the father and ..... authorities considering such representation. now, if we consider the period after 20th april, 1992, it may be noted that some time was taken in wrongly marking the representation to some other branch by the receipt section of the department. however, the representation was received in the concerned section of pitndps cell on ..... registry of the department on 20.4.1992. since the receipt section of the department is heavily loaded, it appears that the receipt was wrongly marked to some other branch, who returned it to the main registry as is indicated on the representation and thereafter it was sent to this section. ..... much stress is laid by the learned counsel for the petitioner on the time spent during the period the representation was wrongly marked to some other branch. mr. tulsi in this regard submitted that it was due to human error and the period spent in wrongly .....

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May 14 1992 (HC)

Fci Workers Union and anr. Vs. Food Corporation of India and ors.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : May-14-1992

Reported in : 96CWN985,[1992(65)FLR1014],(1993)ILLJ359Cal

..... commanding the respondents to rescind, recall, cancel and withdraw the proposed retrenchment notices, a specimen copy of which has been annexed to the petition marked with the letter 'n' and to command the food corporation of india not to dehire the central warehousing corporation godowns at central warehousing, calcutta viii ..... the cwc had no manner of control over such appointments. a specimen copy of such appointment letter has also been annexed to the petition marked with the letter 'k'. it has been further feebly sought to be contended by the fci that it instructed the cwc that appointment letters ..... 15 departmentalised workers of swc, foreshore road godown were posted to the fci, nandibagan depot. the said memo has been annexed to the petiiton marked with the letter 'j'.12. this of course has been sought to be countered by the fci by stating that such transfers were made not ..... no. 1 is a registered trade union seeking to spouse the cause of all sections of workers of the food corporation of india and the petitioner no. 12 is the president ..... jute mills) and central warehouse calcutta i (shyamnagar south jute mills) and restraining the respondents from retrenching the workmen whose names appear in the annexure marked with letter 'a' and in the alternative commanding the food corporation of india to transfer the said workmen to its nearby depots.2. the petitioner .....

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Feb 12 1992 (HC)

G.D. Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vs. Union of India (Uoi)

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Feb-12-1992

Reported in : 1992(60)ELT205(Cal)

..... no. 212/p or p medicine - 3/ce/wb/82, dated 20-10-1982 withdraw the earlier trade notice no. 173/cosmetics & toilet preparation 3/ce/82, dated 18-8-1982. in view of the subsequent trade notice hereto annexed and marked with the letter 'l' confirming that boroline merits classification as patent or proprietary medicine under item no. 14e of the first .....

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Feb 17 1992 (HC)

Ram Kumar and ors. Vs. Shri Ditt Ram Verma

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Feb-17-1992

Reported in : (1992)101PLR463

..... unfit and unsafe for human habitation is also not sustainable because the order of ejectment on this ground was passed primarily on the consideration that the roofs of the rooms marked 'a' and 'b' in the site plan, exh. a-5, were demolished and reconstructed by the tenant without the written consent of the landlord. in view of my finding that ..... ejected on the ground of change of user because the premises in dispute are such which can be used for manufacturing apart from carrying on of the other business and trade.9. now coming to the ground of impairing the value and utility of the premises by the tenant, the authorities below passed an order of ejectment after finding that the ..... roofs of the rooms marked 'a' and 'b' were demolished and were reconstructed, and the ventilators 'v-1 and v-2' were opened in these roofs and the stair case was demolished; the door was .....

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