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Mar 09 2006 (HC)

Managing Committee, Masjid-e-ibrahimia Rep. by Secretary, A.M. Yousuf ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : AIR2006AP330; 2006(4)ALD769; 2006(4)ALT736

..... 1954. section 6(1) of the wakf act, 1954 provides limitation of one year from the date of publication of notification in the official ..... the limitation act, in relation to recovery of wakf properties, the e.p. filed by the petitioner-plaintiff to execute the decree, beyond the period of twelve ..... limitation act, in relation to recovery of wakf properties by way of any suit for possession of immovable property comprised in any wakf or for possession of any interest in such property, is only barred. section 107 was incorporated in the wakf act, 1995 which replaced the wakf act, 1954. no provision similar or analogous to section 107 of the wakf act, 1995 is found in the wakf act, ..... he submitted that though article 136 of the limitation act, 1963 (for short 'the limitation act') prescribed the period of limitation for executing the decree, other than a decree of injunction, as 12 years, but in view of the provisions of section 107 of the wakf act, 1995 (hereinafter referred to as the 'wakf act'), which barred the application of the provisions of .....

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Jul 12 2004 (HC)

Mohd. QutubuddIn Vs. M. Malla Reddy (Died) and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 2004(5)ALD77

..... of dhobipet, shankarpally mandal, ranga reddy district. the petitioner contends that the property, which is the subject-matter of that suit, belongs to the wakf and with the constitution of the wakf tribunal, under the provisions of the wakf act, 1995 (for short 'the act'), it is to be transferred to the tribunal. a further contention is raised to the effect that the mutavalli of the ..... wakf viz., shabbir, the younger brother of the petitioner herein, filed o.s. no. 122 of 2003 before the a.p. wakf tribunal, hyderabad, in respect of ..... suit needs to be transferred.3. sri k.v.n. bhupal, learned counsel for the petitioner, submits that the suit schedule land in o.s. no. 71 of 1995 was notified as wakf property in the gazette dated 16.2.1989 and despite the same, respondents 1 to 4 claim it to be their patta land. placing reliance upon sections 7 and ..... for constitution of the tribunals to adjudicate upon the disputes relating to wakfs and its properties. section 85 of the act bars the jurisdiction of the civil courts on such matters. it is a matter of record that the suit was filed in the year 1995 and that the a.p. wakf tribunal was constituted with effect from 1.7.1997. whenever specialised tribunals .....

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Aug 07 2007 (HC)

MohsIn Ali and anr. Vs. Wakf Tribunal and ors.

Court : Kolkata

Reported in : (2007)3CALLT334(HC)

..... of making representation, if any, and after hearing them, the board shall give the final decision in the proceedings in terms of the provisions in section 64(3) of the wakf act, 1995. all the exercises shall be concluded, and the final decision shall be given by the board, within two months from the date of communication of this order to the chief ..... that allegations made in the complaint had stood established. feeling aggrieved the petitioners preferred the appeal under section 64(4) to the tribunal constituted under section 83(1) of the wakf act, 1995.6. in section 64 the grounds on which a mutawalli can be removed from his office have been mentioned. in the present case the tribunal upheld the decision of the ..... , the fourth respondent, as a person interested in the wakf, filed a complaint dated august 2nd, 2001 with the board under section 64 of the wakf act, 1995.4. on receipt of the complaint the chief executive officer of the board issued a notice dated august 22nd, 2001 calling upon the petitioners to ..... . in 1999 he made certain complaints alleging that the affairs of the wakf were being mismanaged by the petitioners. certain preliminary inquiries were made and certain reports were filed. there is nothing to show that those things were done in accordance with the provisions in section 70 of the wakf act, 1995. but then on the basis of the observations made in the reports .....

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Feb 28 2007 (SC)

Sardar Khan and ors. Vs. Syed Najmul Hasan (Seth) and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR2007SC1447; 2007(2)AWC1571(SC); 2007(2)CTC508; (2007)3MLJ366(SC); 2007(4)SCALE81; (2007)10SCC727

..... order dismissing the suit, an appeal was filed by the plaintiffs (respondents-herein) before the high court taking the plea that by virtue of section 85 of the wakf act, 1995 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act'), the civil court ceased to have any jurisdiction in the matter, and therefore, the judgment and decree passed by the addl. district judge, jaipur was without jurisdiction ..... not be applicable to the pending suits or proceedings or appeals or revisions which have commenced prior to 1.1.1996, i.e., coming into force of the wakf act, 1995. therefore, the view taken by the learned single judge was not correct in the case of syed inamul hag shah (supra). hence, in view of the above discussion, we are ..... wakf specified in such list is a shia wakf or sunni wakf, the board or the mutawalli of ..... is relevant to mention here that the wakf act, 1993 came into force with effect from 1.1.1996. section 6 of the wakf act, 1995 relates to the disputes regarding wakfs property. section 6 of the act reads as under:6. disputes regarding wakfs. - (1) if any question arises whether a particular property specified as wakf property in the list of wakfs is wakf property or not or whether a .....

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Jun 29 2007 (HC)

Samuthra Vijaya Nainar and ors. Vs. Sirukadambur Masjid and ors.

Court : Chennai

Reported in : (2007)4MLJ580

..... not be application to the pending suits or proceedings or appeals or revisions which have commenced prior to 1.1.196 i.e., coming into force of the wakf act, 1995....6. the above judgment of the hon'ble apex court squarely applicable to the facts of the present case in the present case as well, the institution of the suit ..... judge, villupuram for necessary action. the district judge, villupuram also after getting a clarification from the district munsif, gingee, transferred the suit to the wakf tribunal.4. but, a reading of section 7(5) of the wakf act, 1995 would establish that the tribunal shall not have jurisdiction to determine any matter which is the subject matter of any suit or proceeding instituted or ..... full-fledged trial, the learned district munsif, gingee dismissed the suit on the issue of jurisdiction holding that the properties are wakf properties and the civil court has no jurisdiction to try the same as per section 85 of the wakf act, 1995, and further directed the parties to the suit to appear before the district court, villupuram. however, the district judge, villupuram questioned ..... or proceeding instituted or commenced in a civil court under sub section (1) of section 6, before the commencement of this act, i.e., if any suit has been instituted in any civil court prior to coming into force of the wakf act, 1995, then the tribunal will have no jurisdiction to decide such matter and it will be continued and concluded as if .....

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Aug 05 2009 (HC)

Namira Construction Private Limited and Seraj Anwar S/O Late SirajuddI ...

Court : Patna

..... . rather the petitioners have approached this court against what according to them is an illegal and unjustified exercise of statutory powers conferred upon the wakf board by the wakf act, 1995. the petitioners in terms of a development agreement with the mutawalli having undertaken and invested a huge amount in making the constructions which are practically complete and sold out so ..... affect the powers of the court. under the wakf act, 1954 and now under the present wakf act, 1995 the powers of the court in this regard have been vested in the wakf board and therefore even if the deed of wakf prohibits the mutawalli from making the sale, etc. of wakf property it would be open to the wakf board to grant approval for the sale or other ..... is presumed to have been aware of the provisions of section 51 of the act which puts embargo on the alienation of wakf property but the said section has to be read along with section 32(4) of the wakf act, 1995 under which if the board is satisfied that any wakf land offers a feasible potential for development as a shopping centre, market, housing flats ..... forms of alienation. in fact, the overriding statutory powers of the wakf board .....

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Oct 11 2004 (HC)

Abdur Rahim Dewan Vs. State of West Bengal and ors.

Court : Kolkata

Reported in : 2005(4)CHN522

..... appeal was preferred and such decision is binding upon the parties. the tribunal in this case is a creature of wakf act, 1995 and as such, is required to act in accordance with power vested in it by virtue of such statute. under the wakf act, 1995, the tribunal is required to function both as original and appellate authority. as provided in section 83(5) of the ..... act, the tribunal shall be deemed to be a civil court and shall have the same power as may be exercised by a civil court under the code ..... application being c.o. no. 21128 (w) of 1995 challenging the decision of the wakf board but such writ application was dismissed.(f) being dissatisfied, the petitioner preferred an appeal being f ..... board for taking decision and the board by its resolution dated august 29, 1995 decided to remove the present petitioner from the post of mutawalli for misdealing with the wakf property and appointed enayat ali dewan and mst. hasina bibi as joint mutawalli's under section 40 of the bengal wakf act, 1934 for two years.(e) thy present petitioner, consequently, filed a writ .....

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Mar 31 1999 (HC)

Karnataka Board of Wakf, Bangalore Vs. Land Tribunal, Sira Taluk, Tumk ...

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : AIR2000Kant141; ILR1999KAR3319; 1999(5)KarLJ617

..... does not arise.11. in the case on hand, admittedly the property in question is notified as wakf property as per gazette notification dated 15-2-1968.12. the definition of mutawalli under the old wakf act, 1954 and under the wakf act, 1995 which reads thus:old wakf act, 1954newwakf act, 1995section3(f). - 'mutawalli' means any personappointed either verbally or under any deedor instrument by which ..... a wakf has been created or by a competentauthority to be the mutawalli of a wakf andincludes any naib-mutawalli, khadim,mujawar, sajjadanishin, amin or ..... have to be adjudicated by a tribunal constituted under section 83 of the wakf act.sub-sections (2) and (7) of section 83 of the wakf act, 1995, which thus reads.--'section 83(2).--any mutawalli person interested in a wakf or any other person aggrieved by an order made under this act, or rules made thereunder, may make an application within the time specified ..... a tenant in respect of the said property. section 3(k) of the wakf act, 1995 defines a person interested in a wakf, which thus reads:'section 3(k).--'person interested in a wakf means any person who is entitled to receive any pecuniary or other benefits from the wakf and includes:(i) any person who has a right to worship or to .....

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Jul 04 2003 (HC)

Madhya Pradesh Wakf Board Vs. Abdul Rais and ors.

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Reported in : 2003(4)MPHT370

..... limitation to file suit expired. indeed, when the suit itself was barred by limitation, the respondent had no power to file an application under section 6/7 of the amended wakf act, 1995 before the tribunal. it was thus, not maintainable and equally hopelessly barred by time and hence, had to be dismissed on the ground of it being barred by limitation and ..... is bad and that applicants (respondents) are the bhumiswami of the suit land. it is against this order, the non-applicants, i. e., wakf board has filed this revision under section 83(9) proviso of the wakf act, 1995.4. none for the petitioner. shri s.m. jain, learned counsel for respondent nos. 1 to 3. record perused and submissions of learned counsel for ..... .1. this is a revision filed by madhya pradesh wakf board under section 83(9) proviso of the wakf act, 1995 against the order dated 16-4-2000 passed by wakf tribunal, bhopal in case no. 1417 of 1996. facts in brief are these.2. in exercise of powers conferred by section 5(1)(2) of wakf act of 1954, the board on 13-9-1985 published ..... . on 27-12-1996, the respondents filed an application before the tribunal constituted under the wakf act under section 6/7 of the act of 1995 seeking a declaration that the suit property specified in the official gazette (wakf list), dated 13-9-1985 referred supra, is not in fact a wakf property but the said property exclusively belongs to respondents (applicants before the tribunal). in .....

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Aug 22 2006 (HC)

Mohd. Akram Ansari Vs. the Chief Election Commissioner and ors.

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 133(2006)DLT135

..... of its legislative assemblies on the grounds of their holding such offices. 4. at the initiation of this petition section 31 of the wakf act, 1995 (wakf act for short) declared that the office of the chairperson shall not be disqualified and shall be deemed not to have been disqualified for being ..... it shall come into force on the date of its publication in the official gazette. 2. insertion of new section 31a.-- in the wakf act, 1995 (43 of 1995), in its application of the national capital territory of delhi, after section 31, the following section shall be inserted, namely:31a. prevention ..... 2006 (as passed by the legislative assembly of the national capital territory of delhi on the 8th march, 2006. an act to amend the wakf act, 1995 in its application to the national capital territory of delhi. be it enacted by the legislative assembly of the national capital ..... the observations contained in lalit mohan pandey v. pooran singh : air2004sc2303 to contend that if a purposive construction of section 31 of the wakf act is carried out, it would be abundantly clear that shri yusuf would have been insulated from being disqualified only upon being elected to parliament ..... territory of delhi in the fifty-seventh year of the republic of india as follows: 1. short title, extent and commencement--(1) this act may be called the wakf (delhi amendment) act .....

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