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Feb 09 1979 (SC)

Rajendra Prasad Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1979SC916; 1979CriLJ792; (1979)3SCC646; [1979]3SCR78

..... a menace to the society, that is, a `hardened murderer'. edwin h. stherland defines a white-collar offence as `a crime in relation to business'. (1)the validity of white- collar crime as a crime has been a subject of severe controversy in social studies. now `white-collar crime', as commonly understood, means a crime committed by a person of respectability and of high social status in the course of his ..... conform to the national well-being. some of these offences must undoubtedly be ruthlessly dealt with. but unfortunately our penal laws do not provide for a death sentence for either white collar crimes or anti-social offences, although i wish they did, at least for certain anti-social offences. there will be general measure of agreement that some of the serious anti-social ..... killing of large members by adulteration, smuggling, cornering, pollution and other invisible operations, are not on the wanted list and their offending operations which directly derive profit from mafia and white-collar crimes are not visited with death penalty, while relatively lesser delinquencies have, in statutory and forensic rhetoric, deserved the extreme penalty. penal law is not what the printed text professes but .....

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Oct 12 2001 (SC)

Narinderjit Singh Sahni and anr. Vs. Union of India and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : 2001VIIIAD(SC)499; AIR2001SC3810; 2001(2)ALD(Cri)743; JT2001(8)SC477; 2001(7)SCALE189; (2002)2SCC210; 2002(1)LC178(SC)

..... was done in the two cases, on the basis of which the present batch of cases have been field. in the manner in which these white-collared crimes are committed and the extent to which it has pervaded the society at large, we are of the considered opinion that the two cases decided by ..... its importance in the jurisprudence of the country cannot be lost sight of. 23. before, however, we are caught on to the details of the white-collared crime and its effect on the society, we deem it expedient to advert to the more of less similar fact-situations of other six matters placed before ..... no less heinous than putting an end to the life of a person. a large number of suicides which follow such white collared crime is indicative of the magnitude of the crime involved. therefore, the fact that a maximum punishment of 7 years is prescribed for a single offence of cheating cannot be ..... a complain of infraction of his rights under article 21. in our considered opinion, it would be a misplaced sympathy of the court on such white-collared accused persons whose acts of commission and omission has ruined a vast majority of poor citizens of this country. though we agree that in given case ..... bench of this court very succinctly laid down the difference between right of an individual to his liberty and the right of the police to investigate into crimes. this court in paragraph 37 observed that a blanket order of anticipatory bail may cause some interference in the matter of investigation. this court observed: .....

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Oct 01 1980 (HC)

Mohanlal Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Reported in : AIR1981Raj3

..... concern is the yellow metal, -- 'gold'. the offence for which the accused-petitioner has been convicted is of the species of 'economic' crime which need to be curbed effectively. the ineffectiveness of prosecution in arresting the wave of white collar crime must disturb the judges' conscience. the court is not a computer, which registers what is fed into it and answers by mechanical intelligence ..... orderguman mal lodha, j.1. 'white collar' crimes and there again, 'economic crimes', shocking and rocking the entire society, ever increasing either in the form of 'black marketing' or 'food adulteration' or 'smuggling', have assumed disastrous dimensions, providing manifold litigation. the snail moving, ..... the same, filed in september, 1979, has now come up for consideration for decision as to whether the petition should be admitted. are we not all abetting these alleged social crimes by such inordinate delays ?4. mr. k. n. joshi, learned counsel for the petitioner was very vehement. when he prayed for quashing the impugned order of cancellation of licence, on .....

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Dec 19 1991 (HC)

Sunder P. Lalvani, Managing Partner of M/S. Lalwani Brothers Vs. State ...

Court : Mumbai

Reported in : 1992CriLJ2015

..... of forfeiting the trust and faith of the community in the system to administer justice in an even handed manner without fear of criticism from the quarters which view white collar crimes with a permissive eye unmindful of the damage done to the national economy and national interest.' i have already had occasion to observe that, undoubtedly, the incident ..... been busy in their underworld because the legal hardware has not been able to halt the invisible economic aggressor inside. the ineffectiveness of prosecutions in arresting the wave of white-collar crime must disturb the judges' conscience. while we agree that penal treatment should be tailored to the individual, in the extreme category of professional economic offenders, incarceration is peculiarly ..... tribe are rapidly escalating form a deterrent exemption to human softness in sentencing. the penal strategy must be informed by social circumstances, individual factors and the character of the crime. india has been facing an economic crisis and gold smuggling has had a disastrous impact on the state's efforts to stabilize the country's economy. smugglers, hoarders ..... moved by this dubious prospect. the new horizons in penal treatment with hopeful hues of correction and rehabilitation are statutorily embodied in india in some special enactments; but crimes professionally committed by deceptively respectable members of the community by inflicting severe trauma on the health and wealth of the nation and the numbers of this non-criminal .....

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Jul 31 1997 (HC)

State of Sikkim Vs. Dorjee Sherpa and ors.

Court : Sikkim

Reported in : 1998CriLJ2685

..... the judiciary against the extending of benefit of the beneficial legislations like probation of offenders act to the perpetrators of the white-collar crimes is clearly discernible from certain legislative enactments and judicial pronouncements'. we are of the opinion that the offenders of crimes relating to public fund or government exchequer should be dealt with seriously.16. in the instant case before us the ..... . state of kerala) in this context. we are aware of offences which are apparently of lesser importance than robbery, dacoity and culpable homicide have far more impact on the society. white collared offences and offences relating to public funds are worth mentioning. we do not think that offenders of such offences though do not come under the purview of section 18 of .....

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Aug 03 1998 (HC)

State by Superintendent of Police, C.O.D., Bangalore Vs. Thammaiah and ...

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : 1999CriLJ53; 2000(3)KarLJ293

..... interior and improved communication facilities and with the development of science and technology, criminals have acquired new and sophisticated methods for perpetrating crimes and these methods were unknown to the criminals of an earlier era. further, white collar crimes are being committed more and more by intelligent cheats who adopt novel and scientific methods to defy detection. again, counterfeit currency cases ..... out by the other police officers arraigned in the complaint: offences alleged against them included murder. the learned magistrate forwarded the complaint to the inspector general of police (crimes) for investigation under section 156(3) of the code, in view of the fact that senior police officers including dig of police were arraigned as accused persons and ..... persons such as abduction of girls for immoral purposes, maiming of children for begging are being committed. with the increase in international tourists traffic, various other types of crimes are also likely to be imported into india. in this race, the criminals should not be allowed to get better of the police, the latter must keep themselves ..... cocaine and other narcotics of an inter-state nature; (i) important conspiracy cases whose ramifications extend to several districts; (j) gang cases; (k) pornography; (l) any serious crime which appears to have a political motive, including all offences connected with arms and explosives which are suspected to be of a political nature; (m) cases of such a complicated .....

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Feb 13 2003 (HC)

V-can Network (P) Ltd., Represented by Its Chairman Cum Managing Direc ...

Court : Chennai

Reported in : II(2004)BC182; [2004]118CompCas280(Mad); 2003CriLJ3971

..... statement of objects and reasons in enacting the legislation, namely, prize chits and money circulation schemes (banning) act, 1978. the intention of the legislation was to prevent white collar crimes being perpetrated on hapless and innocent public. it is the case of the respondents that the preliminary investigation prima facie discloses that the petitioner/promoter company is involved in money ..... circulation schemes (banning) act, 1978; under section 15 of indian medical council act; under sections 3 and 4 of drug and magic remedies objectionable advertisement act, 1978 by central crime branch, chennai city police, based on a complaint given by one jayaraman, son of kannusamy, no. 40, vellala street, ayanavaram, chennai-23. the allegation in the complaint ..... the other hand, mr. k. abudu kumar rajaratnam, learned government advocate (criminal side), on instruction, would contend that based on a complaint from one jayaraman, a case in crime no. 42/2003 was registered on 24-01-2003 under prize chits and money circulation schemes (banning) act, 1978; indian medical council act; drug and magic remedies objectionable ..... income-tax. though there is no complaint from any quarter, recently the third respondent had arrested four distributors of their company and registered a case against them in crime no. 42 of 2003. the respondents police sealed their office premises and froze their company bank account. leading legal personalities have certified that their system of business would .....

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Feb 24 1977 (HC)

Fatehlal Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Reported in : 1977WLN88

..... concern is the yellow metal 'gold'. the offence for which the accused petitioner has been convicted is of the species of economic' crime which need to be curbed effectively the ineffectiveness of prosecution in arresting the wave of white-collar crime must disturb the judges conscience. the court is not a computer. which registers what is fed into. it and answers by mechanical intelligence .....

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Sep 08 2006 (HC)

ishwar Dass Moolrajani Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Reported in : RLW2006(4)Raj3268

..... . it is further pleaded that the learned magistrate passed the remand orders after having satisfaction regarding existence of adequate grounds. the respondents have also stated that the petitioner has committed white-collar crime, which is injurious to the health of indian economy as well as domestic industry. being master mind and influential person, the petitioner is likely to influence, other persons/employees/witnesses ..... and it is for a person directing imprisonment to justify his act. the justification is usually that the person is arrested detained pending trial in court on a charge of crime, or after trial by a court of competent jurisdiction he has been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or some other kind of detention provided by statute. for wrongful deprivation of .....

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Jan 09 2002 (HC)

Shanker Sharma Vs. Directorate of Enforcement

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 2002IIIAD(Delhi)910; 96(2002)DLT498; 2002(81)ECC253

..... seriousness of the allegations, in my considered view release of the petitioner on bail at this stage may frustrate the effort of investigating agency to collect evidence. investigations into the white collar crimes are always complex and take more time particularly when these are also required to be carried out abroad. hence, no case for grant of bail, at this stage, is made .....

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