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Outgoing. 1. Payments which have to be made out of the gross returns of a property or business before its net proceeds can reach the owner, as a drainage rate on land, or the salaries of clerks in the management of a business. 2. A most comprehensive general expression in a lessee's covenant to pay taxes and other charges, which no prudent lessee should accept; as to the meaning of the word, see Stockdale v. Ascerberg, (1904) 1 KB 447; Greaves v. Whitmarsh, (1906) 2 KB 340; also Henman v. Berliner, (1918) 2 KB 236, where the Court found ground for restricting the full meaning of the term. As to head landlord's indemnity, Dependable Upholstery Ltd. v. Brasted, (1932)1 KB 291. Under the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1923, s. 16 (making up a road, etc.), Lowther v. Clifford, (1927) 1KB 130 (yearly tenant).

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