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Part of a building, the interpretation put by the Kerala High Court on s. 2(1) of the Kerala Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act, 1965 for holding that the words 'part of a building' mean the land on which the building has been constructed is not correct. The provisions of the State Rent Act clearly show that the State Rent Act is a self-contained Act and the rights and liabilities of landlord and tenant are determined by the provisions contained therein and not by the provisions of the Transfer of Property Act or any other law. The rights of a landlord under the general law are substantially curtailed by the provisions of the State Rent Act as the Act is designed to confer benefit on tenants by providing accommodation and to protect them from unreasonable eviction, Vannattankandy Ibrayi v. Kunhabdulla Hajee, (2001) 1 SCC 564 (576).

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