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Sturges Bourne's Acts. (English) (1) 58 Geo. 3, c. 69, the Vestries Act, 1818 (Chitty's Statutes, tit. 'Vestries'), as to notice of vestries, qualification for vestry meetings, etc. (repealed as to rural parishes by the Local Government Act, 1894), preservation of parish books and other matters; and (2) 59 Geo. 3, c. 12, the Poor Relief Act, 1819 (Chitty's Statutes, tit. 'Poor'), by which the inhabitants of any parish, in vestry assembled, were enabled to commit the management of its poor to a committee of the parishioners appointed for that purpose and called a 'select vestry,' to whose orders the overseers were bound to conform (this portion of the Act, being superseded by the Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834, is repealed by the Statute Laws Revision Act, 1873). See now Poor Law Act, 1930, and POOR LAW.

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