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Law Dictionary Home Dictionary Definition counterfeit

Counterfeit, an imitation of something, made without lawful authority and with a view to defraud by passing off the false for the true. As to counterfeiting coin, see COIN. Ordinarily counterfeiting implies the idea of an exact imitation; but for the purpose of the Indian Penal Code there can be counterfeiting even though the imitation is not exact and there are differences in detail between the original and the imitation so long as the resemblance is so close that deception may thereby be practised, State of U.P. v. Hafiz Mohammad Ismail, AIR 1960 SC 669 (670): (1960) 2 SCR 911. (Indian Penal Code, (1860) s. 28) 'Counterfeit' does not connote an exact reproduc-tion, K. Hashim v. State of Tamil Nadu, (2005) 1 SCC 237.

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