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Law Dictionary Home Dictionary Definition immediate-purpose

Immediate purpose, 'immediate purpose', in the context in which the expression appears, relates to directness rather than speed, although absence of the latter negatives the former. It denotes connection and timely action, but not instant action; yet delayed action is a sign of remoteness of purpose. The expression must be understood as a directly connected and timely purpose, and not a secondly or remote or premature purpose. Significantly, the clause does not stay 'for the purpose of immediately demolishing', which word might have denoted instant demolition. What s. 14(1)(b) of the Tamil Nadu Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act, 1960 says is 'immediate purpose of demolishing'. The legislative intent is that the purpose should be immediate or direct and not mediate or remote or indirect or secondary. P. Orr and Sons (P) Ltd. v, Associated Publishers (Madras) Ltd., (1991) 1 SCC 301. [T.N. Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act, 1960, s. 14 (1) (b)]

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