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Core Features Core features included in all plans and its free, doesn't require login.

Mobile Friendly

Almost every day a new cellphone or a tablet is launched in the market. It’s practically essential to have one design for all the devices and all screen resolutions must be compatible. Yes LegalCrystal optimizes itself to give you rich user experience while browsing on any device!

Case Analysis

Apart from accessing full text of the judgement, you can also access headnote of the judgement, Overruled-indicator, Analysis, Relied On, Favor Of, Observations, Findings, Prior-History. (editorially selected judgements).

Info Graphic

LegalCrystal searches and displays statistical information for a particular year/court in the form of pie charts and bar graphs. You can view the judgements related to a year or court by clicking on the elements of the graph.

Citation Search

Search journal citations. Based on the selected journal, selection options for year, volume, court and page number. Particular judgement will be provided automatically.

Advanced Search

Search for case laws with multiple inputs, i.e, with either Case No. / Phrase / Act (section/sub-section)/ Judge / Advocate / Court / Journal / Appellant / Respondent / Advocate / Subject.

Filter Results

You can also filter search results specific to a high court, tribunal, commission and the supreme court or to a particular year or year range with just a click.

Legal Docs

You can view and download over 500 documents such as deeds, affidavits, court forms, applications etc. You can download a document as a Microsoft Word Doc file.

Use as a Digest

While browsing through a Bare Act or a Section, you can immidiately list judgements under that particular Act or Section.

Find Lawyers

Find Lawyer is a client focused, unbiased, independent feature with listings of over 20,000 lawyers across India. Clients can book appointments with lawyers that are listed on LegalCrystal website. This service is entirely FREE for both the client and the lawyer.

Law Dictionary

Designed and compiled to give information about terms used in the field of law. Provides plain English definitions of legal terms. Includes cross-referenced links and search function.

Causelist Alerts

Web application which will automatically send sms/email notifications when a particular Advocate's case is listed in the High Court/Supreme Court of India.

Ask LegalCrystal

Vote or Post your opinion on legal issues and judgements. Ask questions and receive answers from other members of the legal community.

Cited in

Search phrases within Judgements, BareActs, Law Dictionary, Legal/Draft Templates by selecting the dropdown option in the search results page 'Cited-in'. LegalCrystal will instantly display results based on the category selected and the phrase.

Bonus Features Bonus features are included in paid plans only and requires login.

Add Custom Notes to Judgments

Custom Notes

While viewing a judgement, add a note and tag a judgment on the cloud and access the stored content and the judgment on any of your devices - iPad, Office Comp., Personal Comp., Cellphone. LegalCrystal's 99% uptime on servers ensures you will always find your notes and judgments when u need them.

Save judgments on the cloud

Save Judgments

Effortless way to save time & energy! Instantly save a judgment on the cloud by clicking on the star icon while viewing the judgment and access it later in the My Favourites under My Account.

Tag judgments on the cloud

Tag Judgments

You can customize search results by adding tags to a judgment. Instead of creating static folders on your device, you can easily group judgments on the cloud using tags and view all judgments pertaining to a tag at any given point.



Being a lawyer entails constant interaction with people and clients, frequent trips, meetings and consultations and lots of phone calls. It is handy to have a scheduler at hand that will help organize all this information and is accessible anytime. With the LegalCrystal Organizer, you can store client info, add date of filing, next hearing date, reminders, upload relevant docs securely on the cloud!

Search History

Search History

Save search results on the fly and access it later on any device!



Simply select some text on judgement view and make a comment or add a note to any part of the text with highlight! Adding annotation to any case is easy with LegalCrystal Annotator.

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