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LegalDraft-Template Search Results Home Forms Name: multifariousness

Affidavit with the application for the issue of duplicate export licence-Affidavits-Miscellaneous-1995.rtf

Category: Affidavits-Miscellaneous

..... export and import of var ious items at 2 that m .....

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Power-of-Attorney regarding collection of Bills-312.rtf

Category: Power of Attorney

..... in the presence of wit nesses executors 1 2

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Transfer of Mortgage and Creation of Further Charge for Further Loan-Deeds-Mortgages and Pledges-1663.rtf

Category: Deeds-Mortgages and Pledges

normal transfer of mortgage and creation of further charge for further loan legal r mortgagor transferee mortgage lakhs received by cash rs 1 00 000 mortgagor in the presence of signature received by cheque no dated for rs 4 lakhs on x bank ltd that all .....

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Agreement of Guarantee-Deeds-Guarantee and Indemnities-1555.rtf

Category: Deeds-Guarantee and Indemnities

..... interest of trade and busi ness without however jeopardizing the public .....

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Partnership Agreement between two Partnership Firms-Deeds-Partnership-1811.rtf

Category: Deeds-Partnership

..... partners and carrying on busi ness at hereinafter referred to as .....

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